Emma Wilkins

How to Taper

Most runners will be familiar with the concept of tapering – the practice of cutting down your training in the lead up to a race, in order to shed fatigue and improve your performance. However, exactly how best to taper is a bit of a murky topic for many. Should you stop running entirely or …

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How to Warm Up

Warming up well before a race or a high-intensity interval session is important for several reasons. Firstly, it can help reduce the risk of injury, and particularly muscle strains. Secondly, if done properly, it can help to ‘prime’ your aerobic system, so that it responds faster at the start of your first high-intensity interval, or …

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Training Zones Explained

Following on from our article about 80/20 (aka ‘polarised’) training, this next instalment of Coaches Corner focusses on training zones. Running at different training intensities causes the body to respond in different ways. For example, you use different muscle fibres, fuel sources, and work your heart to differing extents. Training zones are a useful way …

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