Run Reports

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club relay

Tuesday 1st August 2023

Another first for the club – an organised relay event round the lower reaches of Guisecliff.
After a couple of last-minute withdrawals there was a field of five teams, each consisting of three runners. The teams were balanced to ensure healthy competition and each leg covered the same marked route. Marshals were positioned at two key points to discourage shenanigans and a small funnel erected for the baston handover.
Competition was fierce but fair and the first team back (HaKaVi) set the course record – 44:07 – for future teams to aim for.
Feedback was entirely positive and we hope this will become an annual staple for the club.
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Run Nidderdale

Sunday 25th June 2023

Our first ever Nidderdale Fell & Trail race event! As part of the Great Day Out in aid of Cure Parkinsons, NFAT organised a 2km Kids’ Race, a 3km Canicross and a 9km headline Trail Race. Despite the forecast promising strong winds and thundery conditions, we enjoyed an absolutely glorious sunny day which made the fete much more enjoyable and the races so much harder!
The preparation paid off and we had three terrific races and some wonderful feedback. We will take on board the constructive criticism we received (all perfectly valid) and revel in the encouragement. My favourite quote was this from a seasoned and talented racer: “This is the hardest race I’ve done this year … and the best”.
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Sophie Beever

HDSRL Race 4

Wednesday 21st June 2023

The course at Sicklinghall has something of a reputation because of the descent towards the river and climb back out around the halfway point. Apart from starting in a field, the course was entirely on road, meandering round the lanes of Clap Gate and Kearby. The marshals did a fantasic job of keeping us safe and encouraging everyone round as we felt the weight of the hills and heat. Another delicious spread at the end meant that we all left exhausted but well fed.

(C) 2023

hdsrl race 3

Thursday 8th June 2023

On to Yeadon, where Dragon Running Club hosted a great event offering a largely off-road course with a balance of tarmac path and woodland trails. The finish was at the top of a nippy little climb that made those sprints to the line that bit more interesting. Another good showing from the club and some members really left nothing on the table – needing a bit of a lie down at the end! The food was fantastic too!

(C) 2023

HDSRL Race 2

Tuesday 23rd May 2023

Race 2 in this year’s Summer League took us into the heart of Harrogate, starting at Cardale Park and running through the villages and hamlets around Beckwithshaw, Shaw Green and Brackenthwaite. Another good turnout for the club and some great results.
(C) 2023

hdsrl race 1

Thursday 11th May 2023

Nidderdale Fell & Trail are participating in their first ever Harrogate District Summer Race League alongside many established local clubs. Race One was hosted by Knaresborough Striders and was attended by just over 400 runners. NFAT fielded a very impressive 23 runners, 13 of whom were able to run in NFAT colours whilst the other 10 represented their First Claim club. A brilliant introduction to the series and an opportunity for the runners to get a benchmark down for the remaining races.
(C) 2023

Simon's Seat and Troller's Gill

Thursday 23rd March 2023

Tonight’s run was a little bit special.
An absolutely stunning route from Stump Cross caverns across to Simon’s Seat. Spectacular night time views towards Leeds and Bradford and then the fun started 😁 Troller’s gill had a little bit more water in it than expected which left us wading thigh deep at times 😂😂. Returning back to the cars with calls of “I’ve had the best evening ever” and “that was awesome “ absolutely made my week.
Thank you to Hugh Beever Helen Hall Mick Shakespeare Bill and Andrew for enjoying my madness.
(C) 2023

Alternative flapjack

Thursday 16th March 2023

Starting in the light and finishing in the dark, we ran up a very long hill to a trig, along the cliff, picked up a couple of latecomers, down to a waterfall, up the “not for the plump” Strava segment, down an horrendous technical hill, up an even worse hill, down a worse hill still to a bridge then up the worst of the worst hills and across an icy cold boggy moor before gliding down Ted’s field to a welcome taste of flapjack at Steve’s house.
All in all, a fabulous night on the hills: perfect running temperature, great visibility, mild wind (apart from at the trig) and even the guard dog with a very impressive bark didn’t bite.
And the battle of the flapjacks has begun… 
(C) 2023

Boggy in high places

Thursday 9th February 2023

As the final Two Trigs jaunt is postponed we set off on a slight variation of a favourite route.
From the showground we did a gratuitous loop of Fishponds Wood before heading up into Guisecliff Woods and onto the TV mast. We then crossed the moor to Two Stoops and on to the waterfall, stopping only to retrieve Helen from the bog…
Crossing Peat Lane to Moorview Kennels and back down through Fishponds Wood again, we returned to the showground after a (relatively) short and brisk venture. 
(C) 2023

Trig bagging in the dark

Thursday 26th January 2023

A great expedition along a favourite route for an intrepid group of runners. Not put off by the mud. ankle-biting rocks, running water and exposed roots, the group made it over the first trig (Brimham) and back down to the river where three of the group headed home. The remaining runners tackled the seemingly endless grind up to the TV mast and on to the second trig for a brief photo-call (it was a bit nippy) before heading across the moor to Two Stoops and down to Bewerley.
A couple of “firsts” for runners in the group and several runners seeing marked improvement in speed/stamina/technique over the 11 mile route. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday evening in winter!
(C) 2023

Orienteering with Claro

Sunday 22nd January 2023

Fantastic two hours of chasing round the dale looking for some pretty far-flung checkpoints. The route choices were endless and every one of us discovered a path or feature we hadn’t seen before.
Orienteering is such a brilliant way of exploring an area and brushing up your navigation skills. 
Thanks to Claro Orienteering for organising this and inviting us along.
(C) 2023

Three Reservoirs

Sunday 8th January 2023

The team had a great run around Fewston and Swinsty but frankly it was busy with walkers, dog walkers and blooming runners…. which on a positive note did give Si a chance to try and recruit a couple to the club. After the run back up to Thruscross car park we parted company with three of the intrepid heroes and the remaining four carried on around Thruscross, secretly hoping Helen might do her mud party trick. To their huge disappointment Helen didn’t vanish into a bottomless mud puddle.
Tired and ready for breakfast at lunchtime the team parted company feeling happy and tired.
It’s worth saying that at least half the gang were recovering from nasty colds and it reminded Si to add these to Stu’s book of running excuses!
The intrepid splodge runners were Caroline, Emma, Helen, Mel, Nigel, Rich & Si.
According to Strava the full circuit was 14.93 miles, with an ascent of 942ft, and took about 3 hours @ a pace of 10.47mins/mile. Weather was: 6oC (felt like 1oC), with 92% humidity and a wind of 11.9mph from the SSW.
(C) 2023

Harrogate Ringway

Monday 2nd January 2023

Nidderdale Fell & Trail ‘do’ the Harrogate Ringway ‘Race’ – organised by Harrogate Harriers.
Cracking gang of up to 7 at one point who ran the Ringway.
Kai and I were feeling Saturdays Simon’s Seat miles and ascent by the end!
Runners: Kai, Rich, Theresa & Misty, Steve, Me, plus Gary and a guest appearance for leg 3 by Dazza.
(C) 2023

Coldstones Cut

Monday 2nd January 2023

“How long is this route, dad?”, “About 12km I think”…

And so the Accidental Half Marathon began. We climbed out of Glasshouses to the ridge on Guisecliff and along to Two Stoops via some long-distance powerstation spotting. Conditions were mostly good although Nought Bank was really icy – glad we weren’t driving down there today. We then crossed the moor to the “hidden” waterfall and beyond to cross Peat Lane. Through the fields and back onto Peat Lane for half a km of tarmac to the track up to Coldstones Cut. A bit more sightseeing and then round the edge of the quarry to Greenhow. The wind on that section could freeze you and cut you in two!

Stephen showed us a new route down to the mines where Stu peeled off to head down (late) for a family rendezvous. The rest of us took it nice and steady down through the caravan park and back along the river. All in all, just over 21km so, right numbers, wrong order 🙁

(C) 2023

Finishing 2022 in style

Saturday 31st December 2022

A grand group of runners doing what they do best – running up hills and splodging through puddles on a run up to Simon’s Seat and a loop back down the Valley of Desolation.
After posing and yakking we also visited the KF 18 (1767) near Lord’s Seat. It was a relief for Si as last time we couldn’t find it!! We really enjoyed the run back down the Valley of Desolation; terrain was great and the company better. We even bumped into Bill running up as we flew down!
Back at the cars the flapjack was scoffed and post run natter revealed that one of our members had stumbled…..
A brilliant way to close our first year of club runs. Here’s to many more
(C) 2022

decorating the tree

Thursday 22nd December 2022

Christmas is almost upon us so we thought we had better get the tree decorated. Not just any tree either – the lonely fir tree close to Crocodile Rock was crying out for a bit of seasonal bling.

Four brave runners made it up the hill and were joined by two latecomers who drove up to  the layby. We decorated the tree and shared coffee, hot chocolate, glühwein, lebkuchen,  mince pies and almondy things. 

We then set off home taking lots of memories and leaving no trace behind.

Merry Christmas everyone. 

(C) 2022

Christmas Orienteering

Tuesday 20th December 2022

Following the brilliant orienteering session organised by Claro Orienteering, Si organised a Christmas event to get the competitive juices flowing. We split into two teams and each had to collect all the controls and return to the start – first team back wins. Team captains were swapped to ensure no shenanigans and that every team member visited every control.

Overall, circa 8km of entertaining, hilly chaotic fun. And, in case you were wondering,  Jess’s team won

(C) 2022

Chilly Guisecliff

Tuesday 13th December 2022

Winter is upon us  – temperatures dipping to -7.5 but nothing to stop a few hardy folks….

Running conditions were superb; a beautiful crisp evening, clear skies and solid underfoot. We did some great ascents and even better descents made more exhilarating by the headtorch beams dancing ahead of us.

We all turned our torches off at the trig and gazed in awe at the massive sky. Nigel showed an encyclopaedic knowledge of astronomy whilst some of us just ooohed and aaahed.

A fabulous run enjoyed by all.

(C) 2022

Lead mines, Moon & Mars

Thursday 8th December 2022

Steve Ward led a fantastic, wintery run round the lead mines under a clear sky and the watchful eyes of the moon and a very bright Mars. 

The start at the bandstand was really cold and it continued to bite all the way up to the top of the Eagle Hall road. Once through the mines it felt like the temperature rose by about five degrees but, in truth, we had probably just warmed up!

(C) 2022

Two trigs

Sunday 4th December 2022

A bracing run over a favourite route.

Despite the windchill taking the temperature down to zero on the tops, the group managed to enjoy this Sunday outing, especially the downhill finish into Pateley Bridge.

Shout out to Caroline, who arrived expecting a shorter option but went on to run the whole route 

(C) 2022

Running in daylight!

Sunday 27th November 2022

This was the perfect day to showcase the fabulous sport of canicross. A group of mixed ability dogs (and some unaccompanied humans) followed a brilliant and popular route around Guisecliff. The dogs revelled in the mud on the moors and, thankfully, were able to take a dip towards the end and clean up.

Anyone thinking of trying canicross – give it a go, you’ll love it!

(C) 2022

Grimwith & Trollers Gill

Thursday 24th November 2022

Wet, dark, cold, hilly and absolutely brilliant. 

Twelve brave souls took to the moors around Grimwith to run a popular (well, in Summer anyway) and varied route including a lap of the reservoir. The track around the reservoir was a welcome contrast to the ankle-deep mire coming down from Stumpcross Caverns. 

More homemade flapjack at the end capped off a brilliant evening.

(C) 2022

Thruscross by starlight

Thursday 17th november 2022

A staggering 19 runners turned out for this night time run around Thruscross. The committed hardcore started from the carpark at Fewston and ran up to Thruscross where they were joined by a smaller group before the lap of the reservoir.

In addition to the running, there was a fair amount of headtorch swapping so that everyone could see where they were putting their feet. Conditions were sketchy in places but 19 out and 19 back with no injuries to report.

As always, there were regular re-groups and all runners were supported and encouraged as appropriate. It was a terrific experience to be out there as part of the dynamic waterside lightshow.

The evening was topped off by hot drinks and Si’s homemade flapjack back at the carpark.

(C) 2022

Remembrance Day Mystery Trails

Sunday 13th november 2022

Ran up a big technical hill, ran down to a waterfall, had a wee, ran up hill, ran down horrendous technical hill, ran up horrendous hill, ran down super technical horrendous hill, cut finger, ran up super super technical double horrendous hill, ran down super technical hill. Went to café. Went home …

(C) 2022

Intro to canicross

Saturday 12th november 2022

Colleen organised a lovely route for anyone interested in learning more about Canicross and, perhaps, giving it a go for the first time. Of the six who turned up, only one forgot their dog …

The route took us from the bandstand up to Wath and then up the “killer hill” to Heathfield, over the top to the caravan site and up past Bluebell Woods to Eagle Hall. A very sociable run with lots of discussion about kit (inevitable with a group of runners) and potential events. 

A really fabulous experience and one I am keen to try again – this time with a dog 🙂

(C) 2022

Stomping round a muddy Scar

Tuesday 8th November 2022

Helen’s FB post says she “Absolutely loved sharing my stomping ground this evening with these ace chaps.” Well of course she did, as they are ace chaps.
A compact group arrived for a breezy splodge around Scar and Angram reservoirs. They nearly never got passed the starting blocks as Si managed to get a car door blown by a very strong wind straight onto his nose. After writhing around like he was actually hurt, Steve came to his rescue firstly by stopping him standing on his glasses, and secondly stuffing a tissue up his nose to stop the flow of red stuff. Warm up completed off we went.
They set off across Scar dam for an anticlockwise circumnavigation. It was a tough uphill start, on a rocky trail and into the teeth of a headwind. Del was demonstrating to us on a regular basis the benefits of a good stretch, which once Helen had “done a Dawn French” and vanished into a vast deep muddy pool, he decided laughing at Helen was better than stretching. A gallant individual extracted Helen from the mud, whilst the rest of us stood around laughing.
(C) 2022
Del and Si were too busy gassing and nearly led the group up to Little Whernside, but luckily everyone else saved the day and put them back on track! The near wrong turn though, did get Nigel and Steve scheming for a ‘legacy’ fell race and what they ‘proposed’ will become an SAS survival challenge at the very least! Meanwhile Mick was keeping a low profile and I’m sure he didn’t fall, as is his usual party trick. Some of the gates were magical, as no matter which side Helen tried to unlock a gate the lock was always at the opposite end (even when it wasn’t).
The international class trail runners were all hyped up for the tough boggey bit around Angram, but the terrain, or splodge, over Low Pasture wasn’t as bad as they were anticipating. Saying that though, they were completely drenched to at least their knees and maybe even as high as their more temperature sensitive areas.
So…it’s blowing a gale, it’s wet, it’s dark, it’s getting towards winter, and frankly it’s a little bit eerie and as the dynamic half dozen ran past some massive pipes stacked near Scar reservoir, Steve says, “I’m gonna come up here one night and sleep in them”. The sensible team members (the other 5) said, “Why?” “Because they are there”, came the response. You can’t argue with that can you?
The final 1.4 miles run back to Scar reservoir on a steadily descending road/track with a howling tail wind was pacey to say the least. It was blatantly obvious to all that Del’s dedication to weekly training with the club is really paying dividends, as he looked to be effortlessly cruising along with the rest of us.
Our intrepid heroes made it back to their cars in good time and Helen whipped out her banana cake surprise, which was a banana cake, gratefully received by all and scoffed in two bites. Helen was home and warm in about 5 minutes flat, whereas the rest trundled back to Pateley happy and discussing the grand evening out. As an introduction to Scar and beyond this was quite a baptism for Del, and hopefully he’ll be back again another day, and maybe even in the light.
Winter night-time head torch runs with friends in the dark and in the weather are fantastic and deeply rewarding. It’s probably something to do with running as inter-dependent friends in a cocoon of light, or maybe it’s just a plain good old laugh.
For the record the circuit was 6.8 miles and 410ft of ascent run at a pace of 10:40/mi. According to Strava it was a mild evening with strong NW wind of 22mph. Six ran: Helen Hall, Steve Ward, Del Wigglesworth, Nigel Fawcett, Mick Shakespeare & Si Lawson.

Halloween reservoirs

Sunday 20th October 2022

Really fab run tonight around the reservoirs….best photos I’ve ever done! My vote for best cake goes to Alan C and a mysterious person won best costume

(C) 2022