Club Runs


We run regular training sessions on a Tuesday. Informal social runs are also often organised on a Thursday evening and Saturday morning. All training sessions are available as events on our club Facebook page, please select the “Going” option on the Facebook event if you plan on attending, so that we know who to expect.. 

Tuesday evening structured sessions meet on the Pateley showground at 7pm these sessions are usually either flat intervals on the showground, hill sprints in Pateley Bridge or Fartlek in the surrounding area. 

Thursday evening sessions tend to be longer social runs in the surrounding area with various meeting points in the area. A “What 3 Words or google pin location will inform you where to meet and we try to encourage lift sharing where possible.

Saturday morning sessions are intended to encourage people returning from injury or beginners just starting out. These sessions meet at the bandstand in Pateley Bridge park at 9am and intend to run at a slower pace for around 5-6km. 

We aim to cater for all fitness and ability levels, you will not be left behind.

Kit & Safety

Attendees of all running sessions should, wherever possible, bring an ‘In Case of Emergency’ (ICE) card, detailing their emergency contact information and any medical conditions. This will be collected by the run leader at the start of each session, and given back to you at the end. 

As we are a fell and trail running group, we also feel that it is good practice to carry the correct “Fell Runners Association (FRA) minimum equipment” with you at all times, except showground training and weekend beginner runs. 

This includes a waterproof jacket, head torch, hat, gloves, space blanket and a whistle. Longer runs will require some food and drink. Run leaders will also have a map, compass, phone and a first aid kit. 

We run in some beautiful but quite remote places that don’t always have easy access for the emergency services. It is incredible how quickly a sweaty, scantily clad body can succumb to the cold. 

See this fantastic video on how quickly things can change. Taking note that this experiment takes place on a windy day at 13 degrees Celsius.

Some of our runners love talking about kit and will always be willing to help you decide on what piece of equipment you need to buy next. Becoming a Member of Nidderdale Fell and trail entitles you to discount codes at and Up and Running Harrogate.

Social Runs

Social runs (Thursdays and weekends) are un-coached and therefore it’s important that you decide independently whether a run is suitable for you, and remember that you are responsible for your own safety. If you have any questions about safety or the suitability of a run for your ability level, or are joining us for the first time, please get in touch with the run organiser beforehand, so that we can make sure that the run is appropriate. You can do this via Facebook, or by emailing the club. 

We ask that all attendees of non-beginner social runs ensure:

  • That you have suitable footwear for off-road running
  • “FRA minimum kit” as outlined above
  • Additional kit as dictated by time of year, and length of run (e.g. additional warm layer through October-March, food and drink).
  • ICE card 


We also ask that all attendees of all social runs understand the following points before joining:

  • Run leaders are not qualified guides and everyone joins the Social Run at their own risk. It is essential that you decide independently whether a run is suitable for you.
  • Your run leader will be an experienced fell runner however the party is a group of non-qualified individuals and the run leader, as someone who has proposed the route, is the nominal leader only.
  • The run will generally progress at the pace of the slowest person in the party. 
  • If anyone wants to rest at any time or is suffering with any difficulties, they should not hesitate to raise this with the group.
  • If anyone wants to leave the party this must be discussed with the group, otherwise we might have to assume you are lost and alert mountain rescue.
  • Everyone owes a ‘duty of care’ to each other. In the event of an accident, the run leader will act in a way they deem safest, but would of course appreciate the assistance of the rest of the party
  • If it is the first time the run leader has done a route the party understand this, and it is an ‘adventure’ for all involved.
  • The run leader may refuse your involvement with the group if they believe you are not sufficiently able to participate. This is for your own safety and the safety of the rest of the group.

You accept the risks associated with fell running and that you are joining us at your own risk.  Fell running can be dangerous and you are exposing yourself to the possibility of personal injury. Neither the Run Leader nor Nidderdale Fell and Trail shall be liable to you for any injury, loss, or damage of any nature to you or your property arising out of your participation in a social run.